Presse numérique couleur DocuColor 6060 avec Creo CXP6000

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Windows XP End of Support

>What you need to know (PDF)

Remarque : si votre système d'exploitation et/ou votre langue ne sont pas répertoriés, nous sommes dans l'impossibilité de fournir des informations concernant le pilote.
  • Correctifs

      • Date: 22 août 2006
      • Version: 4.1 & 4.1 SP1
      • Taille: 1,4 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      FreeFlow Patch

        Missing DFE job information and Support for basic LPR job submission. When querying job status for a specific virtual printer from FreeFlow, the correct Spire job list does not appear in the FreeFlow client status window.
        Remarque : After installing the fix, the correct Spire job list will be displayed in Xerox Free Flow Print Manager > Administration tab and in the Free Flow Quick Print > Job Manager. This patch also fixes the ability to send jobs via LPR without having to include the “-o l” (send as binary) switch.

        • Date: 27 sept. 2005
        • Version: 4.1/4.1SP1
        • Taille: 100,5 KB
        • Format: ZIP

        12x18 Centering Patch

          Creo patch to correct a problem where the image is printed off center with 12 x 18 paper.