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Windows XP End of Support

>What you need to know (PDF)

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  • Correctifs

      • Date: 30 sept. 1999
      • Version: 1.1
      • Taille: 938 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      NCP Packet Signature Patch

        Receive a NCP 97 reply packet error when trying to connect to a Novell Server v. 4.x & 5.0 that is configured for Signature Packet 2.

        • Date: 10 mars 1999
        • Version: 1.1
        • Taille: 380,1 KB
        • Format: ZIP

        Novell NDS Patch

          The Fiery Server could lock up in the following situations if there must be an NDS tree which has one container that contains over 256 print servers:
          1. If the Fiery Server browses in this container.
          2. When you back out of Pserver Setup to Network Setup -> Services Setup.

          • Date: 14 janv. 1998
          • Version: 1.1
          • Taille: 1 705 octets
          • Format: ZIP

          Disable Job Note Patch

            Job Notes field not to be present when printing from NT 4.0.