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  • Mises à jour de sécurité critiques

      • Date: 10 févr. 2004
      • Version:
      • Taille: 402,4 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      Microsoft Security Critical Updates ( Patch # 1-ANKZ9 )

        DescriptionAttention :
        Microsoft Security Critical Hot Fix Updates for EX12 v2.0, X12 v1.5, XP12 v1.1 SP1 & X40 v1.0
        Remarque : EFI has implemented a new NT Service Pack 6a (1-ANKZ9) operating system from a “closed” system to an “open” system for FACI (Fiery Advanced Controller Interface) units only. An “open” system will allow a customer to go directly to Microsoft Support web site and download Critical Security Hot Fixes. A Fiery with a FACI will no longer need to depend on EFI for Microsoft Critical Security Hot Fixes.
        Attention : Fiery units without FACI will continue to receive Security Hot Fixes from EFI in postscript downloadable format. EFI will ONLY support Microsoft downloads of the Critical Security Hot Fixes. Not recommended for Dial-up connections. 56K connection will take approximately 2 hours