DocuColor 40 PRO con Fiery XJ

DocuColor 40 PRO con Fiery XJ Asistencia y controladores

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  • Controladores

      • Fecha: jun 21, 2002
      • Versión: 4.2.1
      • Tamaño: 66,3 KB
      • Formato: ZIP

      Fiery XJ Print Driver

      • PPD
      Windows 2000 printer drivers and PPD (PostScript Printer Description) for the Fiery XJ+ 525, v 4.2.1. and 5.0.
      Nota: Install using the Microsoft Add Printer Wizard. Save this file in a new folder on your hard drive before unzipping it. Windows XP driver is currently under development. Until the driver is avalable Xerox recommends using the Windows 2000 driver as a workaround.

  • Utilidades y aplicaciones

      Note: Utilities for Windows NT 4.x are not supported. Utilities may be used but there may be some incompatibility issues.Try using the windows 95 utilities.