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DocuColor 3535 with Splash G3535

DocuColor 3535 with Splash G3535 Support & Drivers

Nota: si su sistema operativo y/o idioma no aparecen en la lista, no tenemos informaciĆ³n sobre la disponibilidad del controlador.
      • Date: may 1, 2007
      • Version: 5-1-07
      • Size: 611,4 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      Imposition Updates Patch, Release 05-01-07

        This update is for RPX-i, GP5065, G640, G3535, and G630. It adds updates to support Quark Xpress 7.1 on Mac and Windows and Acrobat 8 on Mac and Windows.
        Note: Details are in the release notes which are included with the download.

        • Date: abr 13, 2005
        • Version:
        • Size: 6.131 bytes
        • Format: File

        Custom Size Paper SEF

          This patches allows the use of custom size paper and Short Edge Feed (SEF)
          Note: Installation Instructions: Quit the Splash Server. - Copy the file into the Startup Files folder in the Splash Folder. - Launch the Splash Server. - Print your document with the custom page size.

          • Date: jul 6, 2004
          • Version: 4.0
          • Size: 547,8 KB
          • Format: SIT

          LPR Speed Patch

            This patch significantly improves the Splash LPR receive speed when printing from OS 9 and Windows XP/2000/NT clients on many networks. It also improves LPR receive speed from some OS X clients.

            • Date: jun 1, 2004
            • Version: 1.0.2
            • Size: 22,6 MB
            • Format: SIT

            Splash G3535 Software Update for G4

              The G3535 Software Update for G4 contains fixes for some problems with the G3535 software and updates the Splash software on a G4 to the equivalent of the software released for the G5.
              Note: This patch must be installed after the v1.0.1 Splash software is installed. It may be installed on top of Service Pack 2, but Service Pack 2 is not required.

              • Date: mar 29, 2004
              • Version: 2b8
              • Size: 22,2 MB
              • Format: File

              Splash G3535 Patch 2b8G4

                This patch addresses several issues on the Splash G3535. Please read the release notes for details and for installation instructions.
                Note: Patch 2b8 must be installed after v1.0.1 splash software is installed.

                • Date: nov 7, 2003
                • Version: 1.0
                • Size: 99,7 KB
                • Format: ZIP

                Splash G3535 Crop Marks Patch

                  This version of the file increases the size of the horizontal crop marks slighly.
                  Note: Please read the instructions before loading the patch.