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DocuColor 242/252/260 con Splash RPX-ii Asistencia y controladores

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      • Fecha: oct 1, 2008
      • Versión: 2.0.6
      • Tamaño: 228,1 MB
      • Formato: ZIP

      Splash RPX-ii v 2.0.6

        Contains fixes for issues discovered with previous releases. Please see the release notes for details and installation instructions.
        Precaución: Prerequisite: RPX-ii v2.0 or later. ***Version 2.0.6 may be installed over any RPX-ii release version 2.0 or later. It is not necessary to install any other updates before installing v2.0.6***

        • Fecha: may 7, 2008
        • Versión:
        • Tamaño: 610,3 KB
        • Formato: ZIP

        Splash RPX-ii Imposition Patch 4-24-08

          Patch to fix the issue of a virtual printer, with impositon, produces blank output with Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 on Mac-Intel.
          Nota: Prerequsite: Your system must be at version Splash RPX-ii v 2.0 or higher. Installation notes and customer letter are included with the patch file.