DocuColor 240/250 avec Splash RPX-i

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      • Date: 12 juin 2006
      • Version:
      • Taille: 3,6 MB
      • Format: ZIP

      Splash RPX-i Windows print drivers for DocuColor 240/250

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      Print dirver for Windows systems. The print drivers included are for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 server, and 64-bit Windows systems. Regular and Secure Access (SA) drivers are available.

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  • Correctifs

      • Date: 29 févr. 2008
      • Version:
      • Taille: 297,7 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      1-UIV27 Patch for RPX-ii v2.0.4 and DC240/250

        Large files with Image Shift caused Fiery to reboot. The file will process, go to Print Pending on Splash, and then the "Check Power Cable" error message will be displayed on the Splash Server.
        Remarque : Install only on Splash Server version 2.0.4

        • Date: 1 mai 2007
        • Version: 5-1-07
        • Taille: 611,4 KB
        • Format: ZIP

        Imposition Updates Patch, Release 05-01-07

          This update is for RPX-i, GP5065, G640, G3535, and G630. It adds updates to support Quark Xpress 7.1 on Mac and Windows and Acrobat 8 on Mac and Windows.
          Remarque : Details are in the release notes which are included with the download.

          • Date: 15 févr. 2007
          • Version:
          • Taille: 100,6 MB
          • Format: ZIP

          1.2.2 Upgrade Patch for Splash RPX-1

            Provides a native Intel Macintosh RIP and contains fixes for some problems with the RPX-i v 1.2.1 software.
            Remarque : Version 1.2.2 may be installed over any Splash RPX-i release version 1.1 or later. It is not necessary to install any other updates before installing v.1.2.2. This patch is normally installed using Splash server auto-update option. Instructions for installing the patch manually are in the release notes.