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DocuColor 12 Laser Printer with Fiery X12e

DocuColor 12 Laser Printer with Fiery X12e Support & Drivers

Windows XP End of Support

>What you need to know (PDF)

Nota: si su sistema operativo y/o idioma no aparecen en la lista, no tenemos información sobre la disponibilidad del controlador.
      • Date: ene 19, 2007
      • Version: XPe
      • Size: 613 KB
      • Format: ZIP

      Time Zone Update (Patch # 1-QZXUG)

        2007 Time zone update for Microsoft Windows operationg systems (KB928388)
        Note: This patch is for Fierys running XPe operating system only. EX12 Xpe 3.0, X12 Xpe 2.0, XP12 Xpe 2.0, X12e 1.0
        Caution: Please read and understand all documentation and installation instructions before installing these patches

        • Date: jun 26, 2006
        • Version: 1.0
        • Size: 352,2 KB
        • Format: ZIP

        PDF color artifacts (Patch 1-KMQUA)

          PDF files print with unexpected color artifacts (ie noticeable green shading in neutral color)

          • Date: jun 28, 2005
          • Version: 1.0
          • Size: 6,5 MB
          • Format: ZIP

          Color in Text Changes (Patch # 1-JHPDF)

            Using PowerPoint 2000, text and box created with the same color prints different colors.