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CopyCentre 245/255

CopyCentre 245/255 Support & Drivers

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Note: Windows XP End of Support -- What you need to know (PDF)
      • Date: juin 24, 2005
      • Version: 12.00.0006
      • Size: 50,3 MB
      • Format: EXE

      Utilities Version 12.00.0006

        Utilities for CopyCentre, WorkCentre, WorkCentre Pro and WorkCentre Plus Postscript 232, 238, 245, 255, 265, 275. Software upgrade utility for CopyCentre. Auditron and Fax phonebook save and restore utilities.

        • Date: juin 24, 2005
        • Version: 12.00.0006
        • Size: 22,2 KB
        • Format: PDF

        Utilities version 12.00.0006 readme

          Installation guide for customer utilities software