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WC5325 / 5330 / 5335 Supplies, Consumables & Parts

Ordering Supplies

Toner Cartridge - 006R01159
Drum Cartridge - 013R00591

Staple Refill (Office Finisher LX) - 008R12941
Staple Refill (Integrated Office Finisher) - 008R12941

Staple Cartridge (Booklet Maker) - 008R12897
Staple Cartridge (Integrated Office Finisher) - 008R12964

To order supplies (toner, staples, paper, transparencies, labels, etc), please call the Xerox Supplies Department or order online.


Use the enclosed return shipping labels to send the CRU's back to Xerox for recycling. To obtain labels refer to the Xerox website.

Metered Supplies (Auto-Replenish)

Contact the Metered Supplies Hotline.

Sold Time and Materials (No Contract)

Contact the T&M Parts Desk.