Installation Overview  A1

Step 1. Required Steps. Follow these instructions to assure that your system is correctly communicating over the network using the TCP/IP protocol (the default protocol for the UNIX operating system running on this device). Note that Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is the factory-default TCP/IP addressing method. If you prefer to use Static IP addressing, be prepared with a valid IP address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway address (if used).

Step 2. Recommended Steps. Refer to this section for a list of additional set up steps that you might wish to perform. One example is Changing Logon Passwords.

Step 3. NOS Selection Menu. Refer to this section to install this device in a variety of Network Operating environments in addition to TCP/IP. When installing this device in a Client/Server network, be sure to have your Server's operating system manual available.

Step 4. Print Drivers. Follow these instructions to install print drivers on your workstations.

Step 5. System Features. Refer to this section for a list of System Features and their set up instructions.

Step 6. Troubleshooting. Refer to this section for help in troubleshooting network communication and other system problems.


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