NOTE: A video is available at the end of this solution.

The printer is constructed with four printhead lenses. Clean all lenses as described in the following procedure.

CAUTION: Do not perform this procedure when the printer is copying or printing.

  1. Open the Front Cover of the printer.

    Open Front Cover

  2. Turn the orange lever to the left.

    Unlock Drum Cartridge

  3. Pull the Drum Cartridge Cover down until it clicks into the open position.

    Open Drum Cartridge cover

  4. Each of the four printheads has its own cleaning tool. Slowly pull the printhead lens cleaner out until the three dots are visible.

    Remove tool

    NOTE: The printhead lens cleaner does not detach from the printer.

    Printhead lens tool

  5. Slowly push the printhead lens cleaner back into the printhead until it stops.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each printhead.
  7. Close the Drum Cartridge Cover.

    Close Drum Cartridge cover

  8. Turn the orange lever to the right to return it to the locked position.

    Lock Drum Cartridge cover.

  9. Close the Front Cover.