Removing and Replacing the Fuser Web Cassette

The Fuser Web Cassette gets replaced after every 1 million images. When the machine has reached the limit set for the Fuser Web Cassette, an alert will appear in the system messages portion of the UI. Double-clicking the alert will launch a new window, giving details about the action needed.


NOTE: The system alert is programmed to first warn the user that a CRU is nearing the end of its service, and will advise the user to order replacement(s). If this first warning is not observed, the machine will continue to run until the CRU is completely depleted. The system will then stop and will not continue processing jobs until the CRU is replaced.

To replace the Fuser Web Cassette

Double-click the system alert to see details on the action needed, instructions on how and where to return the used CRU, as well as the location of the CRU.

See Contacting Xerox to get the correct part number for this CRU.

caution: possibility of damage to equipment if procedure not followed.

Make sure there are no jobs running.

  1. Open the front access covers and identify the correct CRU.
  2. Prepare the new Fuser Web Cassette for installation. Remove it from its packaging and place nearby.
  3. Remove the used fuser web cassette by grasping the green access latch and pull out the fuser assembly drawer. Access to the Fuser Web cassette is along the left side of the slide-out assembly drawer.
  4. Identify the Fuser Web cassette assembly.
  5. Grasp the silver axle assembly. From the center of the axle, lift up so that the ends are freed from the saddles at either end. Once the axle is free from the saddles, pull the entire assembly toward you, on a slightly downward plane. The Fuser Web cassette comes out in one unit. Notice that there are guide posts that ride in tracks on either side of the Fuser Web cassette.
  6. Insert the new fuser web cassette, making sure to first align the guide posts in the tracks before pushing the new unit in. If this is not done, it will be impossible to correctly seat the new unit.
  7. Push the Fuser Web cassette completely in, making sure that the axle is captured on both sides by the saddles.
  8. Push the fuser assembly drawer back in.
  9. Close the front access door.
  10. Package the used fuser cassette for return. Use the box and prepaid return label to return the old unit to Xerox.



Replacing the Fuser Web Cassette