Adjusting Display Brightness

The Xerox Nuvera is equipped with an LCD display. See Keyboard, Mouse, and Display Specifications for details on its capabilities.

Depending on the location and/or lighting conditions in the work environment, you may need to make slight adjustments in the display settings.


NOTE: For ease of viewing, use a low (while still comfortably viewable) brightness setting.

To adjust display Brightness (for monitor without front panel buttons)

  1. In the user interface, select [Setup: LCD Monitor].
  2. The LCD Monitor window appears.
  3. The default Brightness setting is Maximum. Clicking the up or down arrows will cause a Brightness control console to appear on the display.
  4. Continue to click on either the up or down arrows to decrease or increase Brightness. Notice the brightness level of the display changing.
  5. When satisfied with your new setting, click <Close>.

NOTE:The Brightness level indicator will disappear when no adjustments have been made for approximately 5 seconds.

To adjust display Brightness (for monitor with front panel buttons)

  1. Press the Menu Button.
  2. Select Brightness
  3. Push the up or down arrow to modify the brightness.