Replacing Staples in the Finishers

Depending on your system's finisher configuration, refer to the appropriate sections below.

Systems with Basic Finishing Modules (BFM)

See Replacing Staples in the BFM for information on staple replacement.

Systems with Multi-Function Finishers (MFF)

There are two stapler mechanisms in the Multifunction Finisher (MFF):

  1. Main Tray Stapler
  2. Booklet Tray Stapler

When the Xerox Nuvera has used all of the staples in either of the staplers, an alert will appear in the system messages portion of the UI.


NOTE: The Main Stapler cartridge must be completely empty before you can remove the old container.

To replace staples

Double-click the system alert to see details on the action needed, as well as the location of the stapler needing attention.

See Contacting Xerox to get the correct part number for this CRU.

Main Tray Stapler

  1. Once you have identified the location of the stapler, open the access panel and locate the stapler housing. It is identified with a pictorial representation of a staple.
  2. Grasp the stapler housing drawer handle and pull out towards you.
  3. Grasp the stapler cartridge handle. To remove, move it upwards, then pull out the entire cartridge.
  4. Turn over the completely empty stapler cartridge. With a slight pinching motion, release the cartridge cover. It will swing away, exposing the empty staple stack container.
  5. Take note of the way the container is housed in the cartridge. Grasp the white handle of the container, and pull it out of the housing. Discard this cardboard container.
  6. Slide the new staple stack into the cartridge. Remove the white retainer strip.
  7. Swing the cartridge cover back up into place.
  8. Slide the stapler cartridge back into the drawer.

Full cartridge

Ready to load position - note position of new staple cartridge.


Booklet Tray Stapler

  1. Rotate the handle (Area 2) to the up position.
  2. Access the Booklet Stapler by pulling out the Booklet folding drawer (Area 4) in the MFF.
  3. In the lower right area of the drawer, swing out the mechanism by grasping the green handle. You should now see the twin stapler heads.
  4. Grasp one of the staple head assemblies, and with a slight pinching action, pull out the empty staple cartridge.
  5. Replace with a new cartridge. Contact Xerox to order this consumable part.
  6. Note

    NOTE: Before inserting new cartridge, remove the small orange clip. It is there to ensure the staples remain in the housing during shipment/handling.

  7. Repeat #4 and 5 for the second stapler cartridge.
  8. Close the Booklet folding drawer (Area 4) in the MFF.
  9. Rotate the handle (Area 2) to the down position.



Replacing Staples in the Main Tray Stapler

Replacing Staples in the Booklet Stapler